Women’s Health Public Health Selective

Women’s Global Health: A Focus on Women’s Cancers and Public Health Interventions

This course combines basic science and medicine in gynecologic and breast pathology and oncology with global and US public health and equity topics in women’s health. This is a unique opportunity for fourth year medical students to develop an intervention project focused on women’s health and cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, or awareness globally and locally. Explore how women’s health is influenced by both biological and sociocultural factors. Observe components of diagnosis of women’s related cancers. Analyze molecular components of cancers used for diagnosis and treatment. Deconstruct the unique diseases that affect women throughout the life cycle and social factors that influence them.

Overview of Module segmentation

  • Module 1: Women’s unique biology and vulnerability (Public health and biology)
  • Module 2: Selected health topics in women’s health: focus on global oncology
  • Module 3: Practicum: Reasons for hope, a public health implementation project
  • Module 4 (Optional): International field implementation of select projects