Transfusion Medicine

Duration: 1 week as part of Path 920 or 2 weeks as Path 921 (the basic science selective, Transfusion Medicine Customized, which is offered both in person and online)

Would you like to learn more about transfusion indications, reactions, blood product modifications, red cell antibodies, and plasmapheresis? Then visit us in transfusion medicine. Our goal is to make the transfusion medicine (TM) elective a practical, high-yield, and enjoyable student-friendly experience that prepares you for residency and the USMLE. The concepts you learn can be immediately applied to many different patient populations and specialties including internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics, pediatrics, anesthesiology, and neurology.

In addition to the laboratory medicine part of TM, transfusion medicine is relatively unique within pathology because it includes some clinical medicine. We see therapeutic apheresis patients, and some common conditions that we treat are TTP, myasthenia gravis, sickle cell disease, FSGS, and transplant rejection.

The rotation requirements and assessments are not burdensome. The in-person versions of the rotation include daily morning meeting at 10 AM, report signout twice a week at 11 AM, a detailed set of non-graded questions that correspond to reading assignments that exist mainly to help focus your reading, and regular discussions of any topics that you request—all in a collegial learning environment. The student will be trained to be part of the resident/faculty team and given opportunities to learn by doing with real clinical responsibility.